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Introducing IMPRINT, a unique art experience that takes its audience on an unforgettable ride. Contained within an original 1970’s carnival ride, IMPRINT is a fully immersive installation where visitors buckle into an individual train carriage and journey through a world created by artists. IMPRINT lends itself to multiple mediums, including painting, photography, live performance, screen, sculpture, audio—even scent and textured environments. In its first incarnation, IMPRINT debuted as Ghost Train at the 2018 Sydney Festival, using the original Ghost Train format as the inspiration for a re-imagined VR ride.

IMPRINT is currently working to establish regional partners and relationships with First Nations theatre makers to create a permanent fixed exhibition space for a regional tourist centre with rotating local artists.

While the structure currently exists as a four-wall box for the train to travel through, it can be easily transformed to create an entirely unique space. The unparalleled experience of IMPRINT makes it an ideal arts beacon and tourist destination for a remote, outback community—operated and technically supported by the local community, and curated in partnership with local artists.

IMPRINT will also have the opportunity to partner with arts festivals and travel the curated exhibits around Australia through the Festival circuit.

IMPRINT will tell stories, inspired by country, people, place and pure imagination.

The Arts Industry in Australia post the impacts of Covid 19 in 2020 is now more than ever, looking within to create exciting domestic product, IMPRINT will collaborate with, engage and promote exceptional Australian artists and practitioners, composers and designers to audiences here and overseas.

It is our desire to partner with local artists, communities and enterprise to create lasting, genuine employment and training opportunities with the hope of providing a blue print for future artistic projects in years to come.